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water-2There’s no doubt that water is the healthiest drink you can give your body. It hydrates your system effectively and doesn’t contain any harmful substances that may impede health or add fat.

Recently, scientists at the University of North Carolina investigated whether drinking water could actively help people to lose weight. Here’s an outline of their results.

What did the Research Involve?

Researchers used 318 participants, all of whom were classified overweight or obese.84% were women and the average age was 42. To be included in the study, participants had to drink 280 calories or more of calorific drinks per day, such as juice, fizzy drinks and alcohol.

They were divided into three groups: one swapping their sugary drinks for water, one drinking diet drinks instead and the other acting as the ‘control’ group. The two test groups were asked to replace two or more drinks a day with either water or diet drinks. Members of the control group were simply given general weight-loss advice, relating to diet and exercise.

And the Results?

Although many publications made much of the results of this research, the actual results weren’t overwhelmingly impressive. After six months, all three of the groups had achieved weight loss, and the difference between the groups wasn’t that noticeable.

The water group lost about 2% of their total weight, the diet drink group lost 2.45% and the control group lost 1.76%. It’s also important to note that this study was funded by Nestle Waters USA!

Should You Be Drinking More Water?

Whilst swapping a couple of calorific drinks per day for water isn’t going to make a dramatic difference in itself, it is certainly advisable to do this as part of a comprehensive weight-loss plan. The simple fact is – water is better for you! However, if you really want to get results, you’ll need to make changes in other areas of your life too, as the University of California’s research clearly demonstrated.

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