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Written by Carol Carpintero 

Yes, flowers are nice but is it really what she wants? Or is it the easy way out for you? 

Mothers, women, sweethearts, side hustles or whatever label fits, the 2018 woman, is not your typical woman! The 2018 woman is so 2020, looking for self improvement, practicality and relaxation. As you can see, flowers do not provide any of this. In the era of #metoo, women are bold, courageous and fierce….not bouquet of flowers is going to help them get there. So if you truly want to be thoughtful about the gift that you give your 2018 Mama or lover, try these ideas:

  1. BOTOX

Yes, I went there…women (and men now-a-days) want Botox! They may not say it but they’re thinking it.  Botox, Xeomin, Dysport or whichever botulinum toxin floats your boat, works like a charm. To those ladies that are mid-thirties and up who need a subtle relaxation of forehead and eye wrinkles, it can be very effective. Those angry lines, popularly dubbed “the 11’s” can disappear or diminish in as little as 15 units; taking years off of your face. For the younger mamas or non-mamas, it is commonly used as preventative maintenance.  Millenials are very good about taking care of their bodies and trying to prevent/delay the wrinkles from happening in the first place, unlike Gen Xers like myself.

Botox can get a smidge on the pricey side but well worth it. Oh, and one thing, dont worry about gifting Botox and offending your significant other. At one point in their life, every woman has stated that she wanted something to take the wrinkles away…so if she has not tried it, she will love it (because it really works) and if she is already a user, she will love it even more.


Along the same vein as Botox, facials can work wonders for your skin! It’s preventative maintenance and relaxation rolled into one. As mommies, when is the last time you got a few minutes to yourself without the kids, husband or wife asking for something…sadly, yes….when we are in the bathroom. Even then, the unsuspecting toddler starts calling for you because he or she can’t find you and you inevitably have to cut your precious alone “potty” time short.

A facial package is a super thoughtful gift with practical applications. One facial is great, if that is what is in your budget, but a package is better. While one really good facial can be the catalyst to removing dead skin, infusing it with something great and returning to a great complexion, a package of 3 or more will allow for more continuity of cellular regrowth and treatment of fine lines. It’s kind of like dieting, you can do great and take the weight off in one month, but you need a maintenance lifestyle change to keep it off. A great starter package that can benefit almost anyone is a microdermabrasion facial, but the choices are endless! 


We don’t mean your average night cream that you can buy at Box Stores. Using these is better tha

n nothing but its often a one size fits all approach, and since it Is mass produced, the molecules of retinol or hyaluronic acid that are meant to absorb into your skin and net improvements on your wrinkles, are too large and you are basically just plastering chemicals on your face that won’t go below your epidermis. To really see results, you 


need pro products that have scientific data to back them up. Pers

onally, I use Thalgo Ultimate Time Solution which uses Algae Hormones and Image Skincare SPF, for sun protection that has zinc as its main ingredient and smells yummy! There are tons of brands that are really good, to get a good idea, visit or call your local medi spa or spa and tell them what your lady wants and they can recommend a great professional product to address their skin issues. 

  1. LASER!!!

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to shave your underarms every couple of days! The smoothness, the elimination of odor, the esthetics…laser can do that for you and now-a-days its super affordable. Gone are the days where Ideal Image is the only game in town and now smaller medical spa’s and laser clinics that offer laser hair removal are abundant. Some notable things about laser is as follows:

-To get rid of most hair in a particular area is usually a minimum of 6 sessions. The hair

 root does not die in just 1 session.

-The hair will be sparser and finer the more sessions you have.

-Although not pain-free, it is a tolerable discomfort that is worth having smooth underarm, chin, hoo-ha or whatever nether region you choose to laser 


If you are not the gambling type and don’t want to guess what she wants, why not just give her personalized money that she will use on her wellbeing. A gift certificate is a subtle way of letting her know that you care about her health; after all she takes care of you so your duty is to return the favor. With a gift certificate, she can choose from whatever the establishment offers without the fear of offending. Choose your medical spa wisely, check out their reviews and do your due diligence before you purchase- remember really pretty website does not always equal best service. Lastly, choose a diverse place that offers a lot of different services. If you choose a diverse spot, she has the freedom to use her gift for that weight loss program she always wanted to try or that laser skin tightening facial that everyone in town is raving about.

If you are looking for a great place in North Tampa, Carrollwood to send your Mom to- Bellavista Medical Spa is that one stop shop that all of our favorites are offered at. Check out our website at 813-751-3444 or better yet, get one of our delectable Mom loving specials !

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