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Laser Treatment for Toe Nail Fungus Tampa, FL

Why Laser Toe Nail Fungus Treatment?

About 12% of American’s suffer from yellow, discolored and thickened toe nail fungus known as Onychomycosis or toe nail fungus. The bad news is that there are no 100% cure for this unsightly fungus and current medication prescribed to suppress this can pose unnecessary stress to your liver.

The good news is that laser treatment of nail fungus is a very effective proven method which offers a new alternative to oral medications, which is associated with risk of liver damage and also nail varnish, with poor efficacy. Bellavista Medical Spa offers the latest, most advanced treatment of laser toe nail fungus with proven clinical protocols to achieve maximum success.


* Results may vary from patient to patient

Causes of Toe Nail Fungus

Swimmers and other athletes may be more likely to get it, because their feet are often damp or because they walk around barefoot in public areas, scientists say. Mildly, nail fungus is only a cosmetic problem, and as time progress, abnormal growth of toenail can result and cause pain when one is walking.


Whether you choose oral medication or lasers, it can take up to a year for the nails to completely clear.

What to Expect the Day of Treatment

Treatment at Bellavista Medical Spa is quick and efficient, taking up to 30 minutes. With respect to the severity of the toe and also the laser used, the average number of session can be one to four treatments; perhaps more in extreme cases. For your safety, you will be asked to fill out some paperwork on medical history pertinent to laser exposure. Certain medical conditions such as Diabetes are contra-indicated for this particular procedure.

Prior to your appointment:

-Ensure to bring a spare change of socks to change into after treatment.

-The laser needs to penetrate to the nail bed in order to suppress the fungus. For best results, if the affected nail is very thick, you should file it down as much as you can before your appointment.

-Nail polish or laquer is contra-indicated when treating with laser. You must remove any nail polish from the area to be treated prior to your appointment.

Laser toe nail fungus treatment is a safe and effective way to treat Onychomycosis. It virtually painless and amazing results. The currently accepted treatments are oral treatment— which to a certain extent can be considered effective, but has some inherent risk— and topical therapies. Both approaches need the long duration of treatment and are kind of expensive. It is generally believed by most experts that approach like removing the nail plate is ineffective.


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