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weight-loss-3People who need to lose a substantial amount of weight often do better under the supervision of a physician with a specialty in medical weight loss and weight management.

Many people try to lose weight on their own with limited and/or temporary success. This isn’t their fault; the body naturally resists weight loss. And many people lack adequate hormones that burn fat, or high levels of hormones that contribute to weight gain and retention.

With physician supervision and a customized plan, they can help achieve their personal and weight loss goals.

Six Hormones That Affect Weight Loss

Many people associate hormones with the sex drive, but hormones control lots of body functions, including those that affect mood, sleep, energy, and hunger.

Six hormones are associated with weight gain, loss, and maintenance. They are:

  1. Adiponectin, which burns fat
  2. Cortisol, the stress hormone that deposits fat into the abdomen
  3. Dopamine, a neurohormone that can interfere with signals to the brain to stop eating
  4. Ghrelin, a hunger hormone suspected as being too high in many overweight people
  5. Insulin, which regulates blood sugar
  6. Leptin, which signals when hunger is satisfied

Check for Hormonal Conditions Before You Go on a Weight Loss Plan

The safest way to lose weight is to work with a physician who has assessed you for specific hormonal imbalances and develops a weight loss plan that includes addressing them.

At Bellavista Weight Loss in Tampa, physicians give each patient a full medical exam to determine what treatment is needed. Some patients may need appetite suppressants to initially help their bodies adjust to a new diet.

Each customized plan includes these services:

  • Vitamin B12 treatment
  • Dietary adjustments
  • Exercise planning
  • Lifestyle strategies
  • Post weight-loss maintenance and follow-up

Contact us for more information on safe and effective medical weight loss services at 813-751-3444 or click the Contact link above.

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