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platelet rich plasma injectionsWhat is a Platelet Rich Plasma facial?……Has the esthetic world gone bananas? Trending in the “rejuvenation” business is this funky new facial called a Vampira facial or platelet rich plasma facials and injections. Most people know that it’s a pretty popular procedure which has to do with blood and your face and that Kim Kardashian once had it done in her show….. but that’s about it.

Well, there is a reason why Kim K featured it and why a lot of folks are subjecting themselves to this mysterious facial/procedure. The reason is because it works! Bellavista Medical Spa is here to give you the true and false of this revolutionary procedure and why we are such big proponents of this treatment.

To explain the origin, we have to take it back to professional football and sports in general. Most pro football athletes get paid…millions of dollars to play, perform and win the game right? They train countless grueling hours to become lean, mean football machines until the day they get injured. Once an injury happens..the expert medical team of that player treat ligamental or tissue injuries by many different ways, such as surgery, physical therapy and believe it or not, platelet rich plasma injections (though not in the face kind) but rather at the joint that is injured.

Interested? Well here is how it works:

The medical community found that injecting the player’s own platelets derived from his or her own blood caused the body to stimulate, repair and build collagen around the site of injection, thus speeding production and repair time of injured tissue. The platelets in your blood are rich in growth factors and vitamins that when concentrated send signals to your body to repair faster than normal. In the pro-football world, time is major money and the longer a player is out the more money the team loses…so logically, treatments used on these athletes are top notch, no non-sense, absolutely effective or they would not do it.

This has been one of the gold standards in the sports medicine for a very long time. As the saying goes….What’s good for the goose is good for the Gander, no? Precisely right, platelet rich plasma facials are now becoming the gold standard for skin rejuvenation. Think of it as your own custom stem cell treatment for the face. By applying your platelet-rich-plasma onto your skin, your body will be triggered to repair and hyper-produce collagen, thus improving the appearance of fine lines, softening the texture of your skin…it even helps hair growth where hair has been thinning…that’s how powerful this treatment is!

Why does Dr. Salhab and the Bellavista Medi Spa team love this procedure?  Here is why:

  1. No foreign/fake materials into your body. This treatment puts your own body to work and produce collagen. Just the microneedling portion alone triggers the body to repair; the process is much like when you get a cut and your body sends repair signals for new tissue to grow. This process combined with platelet rich plasma provides optimal collagen production.
  2. It can be used as an organic filler! Not only can you microneedle platelet rich plasma in but you can also inject in areas like under the eyes, lips etc to enhance the shape. Though it will dissipate, the final result is a subtle and natural enhancement. Often times, fillers can alter the look of a person..this will not happen with platelet rich plasma filling.
  3. Little to no risk of allergic reactions. Since we inject or microneedle your own cellular material, you are at zero risk of having an allergic reaction.

Because we want you to be comfortable during your procedure, we will apply a topical anesthetic which contains lidocaine, which is the only thing that someone could have an allergy to.

  1. It’s almost the only thing that you can inject right under the eyes to help reduce dark circles and bags. Its not recommended to inject fillers close to the eyes and as a result when injected to smooth out bags, fillers can actually make it worse. With platelet rich plasma facials, this is not the case…completely safe to inject under the eyes and gets to work right away in reducing your eye troubles.
  2. It is great for virtually all aging and skin issues. Some of these are: fine wrinkles, acne scarring, hyper-pigmentation and even hair regrowth!
  3. The down time is typically ONLY 1-2 days. In most cases, you can resume your normal face and makeup routine the next day.

For optimal results, the doctor recommends a series of three facials and injections about a month apart. With platelet rich plasma, its therapeutic value increases because each session builds upon the other.  One treatment will signal the body to produce more collagen and as a final result it is finalized with multiple sessions. Are you are interested in getting a platelet rich plasma facial? Would like to set up a free consultation? Please give us a call at 813-751-3444 and schedule your appointment today!

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