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Laser Teeth Whitening Tampa


* Results may vary from patient to patient

We don’t call them Pearly whites for nothing…especially after a 60 minute Bellavista Teeth Whitening Session….Have an event, family pics, interview or just want to feel awesome about your smile?

Our Teeth whitening has helped the smile of countless people with stained, dull, or discolored teeth. Let us help you!

The   dentin, The outer darker layer of your teeth, can become exposed as the result of food, berries, tea, caffeine, tobacco and aging.

Certain proteins in food are attracted to the tooth’s enamel. Over time, the buildup results in staining of your teeth.

Other types of stain begin inside the teeth; brushing and flossing will not help.

Today, more people are choosing teeth-whitening procedures to reverse the effects of caffeine, food and tobacco stains.

Some commercially available products “whitening pastes” can be  effective at reducings stains and making your teeth a few shades brighter. However, some of these products have corrosive  material that can  wear away your teeth’s enamel and are not as effective.

Whitening products actually change the color of your teeth and are only effective on certain types of stains.



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