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Ultrasonic Cavitation Tampa, FL

Liquefy your fat cells with the power of sound waves. Ultrasonic cavitation is a leading-edge technology that disrupts fat cells, emulsifies and turns them into liquid, later to be excreted by the body through your normal metabolic process.

Low frequency ultrasonic waves pass through the skin, leaving a path of vibration throughout the fatty tissue. Once the fat cell’s membrane is burst, then the heat, ultrasonic cavitation and massage converts the fat cells into liquid. Once emulsified, 90% of the liquid fat will excrete through the lymphatic and urinary system.   There are many benefits of ultrasonic cavitation in addition to body contouring, such as:



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  • Improved skin texture
  • Improved Blood circulation
  • Improved lymph circulation
  • Body Tightening
  • Removal of fat cells
  • Zero down time
  • No pain!


Ultrasonic cavitation is a perfect compliment to our medical weight loss program. Dubbed by the aesthetic community as “ultrasonic liposution,” cavitation can assist you in contouring and shaping your body. Loose and saggy skin as a result from weight loss can be tightened and shaped with cavitation, radiofrequency treatments and exercise. Ask us about our combination medical weight loss package plus ultrasonic cavitation.

Ultrasonic cavitation treatments last about 30 – 60 minutes per area treated. The most common areas treated are abdomen, thighs, buttocks and flanks (aka love handles).

Cavitation is a targeted body contouring therapy and it is recommended that you perform 6-10 treatments in order to maximize your results. It is also recommended that you wait at least 72 hours in between treatments, so you give your body enough time to drain the emulsified fat.

Exercise after cavitation will assist your metabolism and lymphatic system to begin the excretion process. You may even notice an increase in urination.

A week prior to your treatments, drink at least 2 liters of water (about 8 cups) every day. Drinking water helps the body’s filter (AKA the liver) to flush out old sludge and toxins that are preventing it from performing its filtration duties. Flushing out your liver equals better filtration, which equals better and more excretion from your cavitation treatments!

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