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weight-lossWe all wish we had the perfect body. Looking in the mirror and being pleased with your reflection, instead of feeling depressed about your love-handles and flabby bits, is something that everyone would like to achieve.

However, losing weight offers many more advantages than just a slimmer appearance. If you’re struggling to find the motivation to stick to your weight-loss regime, here’s some inspiration to help keep you on track.

Why Losing Weight Can Change Your Life

1) Enjoy a healthier heart. Losing weight doesn’t just leave you looking good, it makes you healthier too. Obesity is one of the country’s leading contributors to heart disease, which is also the US’s biggest killer. By shedding those pounds, you’re not only improving your appearance, but you could be adding years to your life too.

2) Save money. Cutting back on unhealthy treats really adds up in terms of finances. Simply ceasing your morning purchase of a full-fat latte on the way to work can save you several dollars a month. Stop buying candy, chocolate and potato chips, and you’ll notice even more savings.

3) Improve your sex life. A recent study in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism identified that heavier men had the libido of someone a full decade older than their real age. If you lose weight, it’s likely your sex life will improve too.

4) Advance your career. Although there’s no real reason why this should be the case, statistics suggest that slimmer people tend to progress more rapidly in their careers.

5) Enjoy new-found confidence. Losing weight doesn’t just mean you can wear smaller sized clothes. It means you can walk out with confidence again and feel good about yourself. And that’s perhaps the most powerful motivation of all.

Finding the Right Weight-Loss Program for You

If you’re determined to lose your excess weight and rediscover your confidence, talk to Bellavista Medi Spa today. Our team will provide you with a thorough health assessment then identify the best weight loss program to help you achieve your goals as quickly and healthily as possible. To find out more, just call 813 751 3444.

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