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Weight Loss Body WrapsMany people who struggle with weight loss are actually fighting toxins their bodies need help to shed. Getting rid of these can be quite a challenge without the help of weight loss professionals and medical supervision.

Kick-Start Your Body into Weight Loss

One way to kick your body into weight loss gear is to supplement your current efforts (new diet, exercise plan) with a body wrap that helps your body get rid of excess wastewater held in cellulite.

The Simply Slender body wrap offered by Bellavista Medispa in Tampa take a different approach than those that make you sweat off weight as you work out, which you probably know from experience doesn’t work.

Incidentally, it is very important to get enough water when you’re exercising and adjusting your diet for weight loss.

The Simply Slender body wrap targets cellulite, which retains water, with a combination of bentonite and Simply Slender’s slenderizing cream.

Bentonite is a phyllosilicate, a mineral that separates and blocks water found in clay. By removing water from cellulite, the cellulite itself begins to shrink, leaving the body less capable to draw in and hold excess water.

The slenderizing cream reinforces the bentonite with additional clays, minerals, and herbs and tightens the skin to avoid sagging.

Select a Weight Loss Package to Target Specific Body Parts

Our body wrap program comes with a package that lets you customize your weight loss program to target particular parts of your body like your thighs or arms. We even can target your chin to eliminate the double chin.

If you’re aiming for overall weight loss, maximum results are possible with an intensive approach to use the kits every three days over a 12 to 18-day period.

Best of all, we offer a 30-day guarantee that you will lose weight with proper use of our body wrap.

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